amber energy is committed to arranging a number of charity events throughout the year, raising money for important and worthwhile charities.

Amber are pro-active supporters of Cancer Research Wales, providing backing through arranging fun-filled events, spreading the word, gaining exposure for CRW and most importantly raising crucial funds for the charity.

Cancer Research Wales has raised many millions of pounds for research into the treatment and diagnosis of cancer which has benefitted people in Wales and globally.

'This money comes from ordinary, generous people all over Wales.'

Of all the money CRW raise, more than 85p in the pound goes directly into cancer research. This money comes from ordinary, generous people all over Wales, the UK and the rest of the world, who help CRW, by leaving legacies or by making donations.

CRW rely heavily on the efforts of volunteers. With a majority of the donations raised through the tireless efforts of volunteers who organise fundraising events and run the chain of Cancer Research Wales charity shops.


Cancer Research Wales