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The key to energy efficient cricket grounds is understanding the relationship between energy suppliers, positive PR coverage and partnerships at your ground, and what you can do to move towards lowest running costs operationally.

Our cricket ground energy management blue print; what we define as the best position for the ground where energy efficiency is achieved, energy costs are their lowest, and supplier partnership revenue is maximised, cannot be achieved when dealing with energy on a piecemeal basis.

For one, there is a real danger of 'contra's' greying out the real value in a sponsorship deal or a partnership not offering true value. We've worked on a number of supplier partnership deals where we are able to ensure that any money paid-in to the ground isn't taken out in overcharges for energy.

We will work with the supplier of your choice, of the ECB's choice, or we can present a number of different options to you. In any case, we will utilise benchmarking to ensure that you are not overpaying any supplier once you've agreed a deal.

No matter who you partner with it's crucial to understand the way in which you can purchase your power and to time your purchasing accordingly.

Glamorgan County Cricket Club saved over 9% in year 1 and 6% in Year 2 utilising our timed approach to purchasing energy.

Managing your energy, avoiding peak over-charges, and installing renewable energy to support your green credentials and to lower your energy costs is another key way to manage down your energy bill.

Key Stats

the amount the average large venue saved in energy efficiencies in year 1.

the sponsorship monies raised by Amber for cricket grounds in 2014.

the year we started working with Rugby Clubs.

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Amber Blueprint

We develop what we call a 'blue-print' for each industry we work with and this means running trials and getting under the skin of the sector we are working with so we can find the most appropriate solutions and act as a true partner to their business.

Each year we produce our latest blueprint for the sector. This contains useful benchmarking data and advice on how best to build and operate new stock. You can subscribe to this annual report for free by entering your details below.