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Working with amber energy's Ice Rink energy management service, the Efficient Ice UK Project means understanding how much it's costing you at different times of the day to use your ice; allowing you to control the temperature and cooling procedures to reduce your energy costs.

Like our Elite Sports programme if your rink(s) are suitable to sponsorship we can work with you to tender this opportunity to energy suppliers. We will then ensure that this deal isn't simply a contra against the profit on your energy supply agreement i.e. increased profits being made by the supplier to pay for the sponsorship agreement.

A contract with the national grid, to reduce your energy demand at peak demand periods could generate a profit of £15,000 per annum and you may only be called upon a few times.

amber energy's Efficient Ice UK Project will work with you to understand what options to minimise energy cost and maximise profit may work for your ice rink.

Key Stats

minimum spend to join our buying group

guide profit amount for a typical ice rink utilising DSBR.

cost to get to a point where you can see the savings we can deliver against the costs of the project.

Useful Information

  • Guide - TRIAD Alerts
  • Guide - Getting kVA Right
  • Guide - Pass Through Costs
  • Case Study - Elite Venues

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Amber Blueprint

We develop what we call a 'blue-print' for each industry we work with and this means running trials and getting under the skin of the sector we are working with so we can find the most appropriate solutions and act as a true partner to their business.

Each year we produce our latest blueprint for the sector. This contains useful benchmarking data and advice on how best to build and operate new stock. You can subscribe to this annual report for free by entering your details below.