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Rugby club energy management and savings

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amber energy’s rugby club energy management project, Efficient Rugby, has been running in Wales for 2 years, and is also available in England.

The average saving has been 19% per club.

In Wales, we have over 50 clubs and have visited over 100 in the last 2 years. Recently the WRU and SSE launched support to rugby clubs and it's now an opportune time to join our Efficient Rugby Club Scheme.

We can ensure the proposed sponsorship by the WRU, should you be interested in the minimum of £1,000 for your club, is suitable to your requirements and provides the best option for your club.

Our job is to look after your club and to deal with any issues that could arise and part of this is ensuring that any offer is the absolute best available.

We are currently aligning the end dates on Round III of our project, serving notice on behalf of the clubs involved, and inviting more clubs to join the project.

When we have finalised the energy contracts for Efficient Rugby we are going to develop a virtual clubhouse and begin holding discussions & training with rugby clubs around energy efficiency. You can register your interest (right) today.

Key Stats

the number of Rugby Clubs amber energy have worked with to date.

average saving made per Rugby Club we've worked with in year 1.

the year we started working with Rugby Clubs..

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