To mark the upcoming General Election, we’ll be publishing a post a day to highlight each parties stance on energy topics. We’ve trawled through all the manifestos to find what each party has promised and which position they will be taking with regards to the Energy market and energy matters.

Yesterday we followed on with with Energy Investment and today we'll be discussing the Internal Energy Market. - Manifestos arranged alphabetically.

The Conservative Party.

No Mention

The Green Party.

Press for remaining within the single market.

The Labour Party.

Currently the UK buys and sells energy tariff free from Europe, an arrangement which saves families and businesses money and helps balance the power grid. As part of the Brexit negotiations Labour will prioritise maintaining access to the internal energy market.

Liberal Democrats.

No Mention

Plaid Cymru.

No Mention

The Scottish National Party.

We will fight to maintain Single Market membership, to protect the future success of the industry…SNP MPs will work to protect Scotland’s place in Europe’s energy markets and funding programmes – ensuring continued funding and cooperation with the EU for Scotland’s renewable energy sector.

The UK Independence Party.

No Mention

It's interesting to note how many parties mentioned the Internal Energy Market and just how many of them failed to make any notes on this subject. What do the Manifestos mean for your business and utility management? We’d love to hear your comments.

Tomorrow we'll be discussing The Electricity Grid.