Our Mission

A world class energy organisation driving energy industry standards

Our Mission

We provide solutions to the complex world of energy.

Where it all started

Nick, the company founder, was working at a bank in 2009 and found that the customer service and expertise in the energy industry had let a number of his "banked clients" down.

Quite simply, he wanted to help businesses navigate through all the crap in the energy industry and to provide long term partnerships that "got stuff done".

Since 2009 amber energy has grown tremendously to become a leading energy efficiency and management company that still talks of "getting stuff done", or GSD as we now abbreviate; it’s a little less bruising on a Monday morning to use the acronym before a cup of coffee!

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What makes us tick

Achieving the highest quality is part of our DNA and we were formed to provide the best service in the energy industry. This means always taking on feedback and trying to improve again and again-there is always something that can be done better! We’re responsible for always achieving the lowest possible 'end energy bill'. Which means keeping our ear to the ground and deploying new innovative energy management techniques. To keep bills low and to save our clients time, we pick up all the responsibilities of bill checking, data collection, and compliance

We are not energy brokers

Our mission is to develop trusted, innovative solutions that reduce the cost of energy, reliance on energy from the grid, and propel us forward towards zero carbon intensity.

It’s also to be the ‘good-difference’; the difference that comes from a focus on quality of service, listening to our customers, innovation, and living on the forefront of the curve.

Our relationships

Working with businesses we consider all areas of energy management considering how to buy it, how and when to use it, and how to install renewable energy. We call this our ‘cost, use, source’ model.