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Partner with the UK's leading Energy Management Company

We want to be the best which means we will only work with people who want the same.

Client satisfaction, clinical execution, and high retention rates is what we're after.

If you work in an overlapping sector, want to act as an authorised re-seller, or to supply your product/services direct to our clients get in contact with subject 'Work With Us'.

There are lots of different ways to work together so the next step is normally pre-qualification before meeting to discuss your product/service and ours.

Are you looking for an additional income stream and/or to offer more to your clients?

One of the ways to work with us is to act as a partner or to achieve the amber energy Team Accreditation. You will have to work with us for a minimum of 6 months before we will consider awarding the accreditation but in the meantime, you can still earn additional income streams by referring clients to us for energy management.

By helping your clients navigate through energy management (often saving them money) you can strengthen your relationship with them, adding value to your company offering, and strengthening your client relations further.

Achieve the 'amber energy Team Accreditation'

amber energy Team Accreditation allows you to carry a kite-mark to say you are an official partner of amber energy. Carrying our brand whilst working with our clients strengthens your proposition and removes some of the pre-vetting and lead qualification you would have to do otherwise.

Clearly, it's important for us to oversee quality and to ensure only the 'best in class' are accredited so we've made accreditation invitational only following a minimum of 6 months as a supply partner.

Amber Partner


Take a look at a few of the benefits of working with amber energy.

  • Value add
  • Award Winning
  • 99%99% Retention Rate
  • Account Management
  • Clear payment terms
  • Training
  • Open door policy
  • Regular reviews