Only recently Thames Water were criticised for asking Ofwat (the regulator) for permission to raise prices. Thames Water proposed it needed to increase pricing to cover preparations for the Thames Tideway Tunnel. However, water prices or already between £354 and £499 per annum (per household according to Ofwat in April 2013).

Considering the possibility of being able to move water suppliers in the future, water bills often being inaccurate, costs increasing we have launched some trials on water and have decided to include water in our audit considerations.

We're working closely with one of the leading water consultancy's in the UK, who work on behalf of a number of FTSE 250 companies. This service is set to assist more businesses in continually lowering their costs and being able to trust in the Amber Brand for excellent service and transparency in service. The water consultancy service will operate on a savings basis in most instances (but will always be open book!).