Do we need to look at business water bills too?

I'm not a water expert personally. I spend my time looking at RO, FITS, trade screens, and government policy, as well as weather patterns, site plans, CHP installation ideas, and overseeing energy policy (so not much time left for H20!).

However, I'm often asked about Water and more recently I found myself feeling similar about water as I do about energy.

Clearly it's going up and up in terms of costs for businesses, it's a finite resource and has global challenges, and once again there are a number of profiteering companies (both regulated and un-regulated) sitting in the middle!

There is a call for transparency and the idea of supporting businesses in paying utility bills is of course right up our street. We've decided to trial water for a few months and have launched a pilot scheme called Amber Water with a few of our key clients.

If you're interested in the trial or would like us to look at your overall strategy just let us know. We're always happy to help.