I am pleased announce that The Student Energy Project; www.studentenergyproject.com is set to go live this September. This will be it's secondary round of trials, since it's invention in 2012, and it is set to deliver the project to 3,000 students across 5 cities in the UK.

The projects target is to reduce student energy consumption in halls and privately let residencies where billing is all-inclusive. It also looks to support the transition from halls/student housing to renting and home-owning post graduation.

TSEP builds a responsible relationship between student energy use, the environment, and cost. It's focus since inception has been on the rewards for low consumption and not the stick approach of passing on the bill.

The trials will add to our initial research which took us on a journey from trials in Orlando, Ohio, and domestically in Sheffield.

It's an exciting development for the amber energy Group and Twenty50 (www.twenty50.net) & will deepen our understanding of student behaviours.

In new buildings it is true that the student has less of an impact on their total energy consumption. However, as the cost of energy rises, and our market reforms the financial impact is still crucial to the sustainability of the student accommodation sector (and others with all inclusive billing). Passing on the buck to the student would be irresponsible and allowing them to have unlimited energy use would undoubtedly be caveated with fair-usage limits getting stricter- TSEP allows for a much more positive approach to be taken to energy consumption control.

Current reward partners, providing rewards for students being energy efficient include: Loungers, Airkix, Beer 52, Student Advantage Card, Give Me Tap, Small Car Big City, Luta, The Teashed, Ripleys Believe it Or Not, Student Advantage Card, The Teashed, Propoganda, Oh Bother, & Pologram!

Going live in September we have Unite, The Student Housing Company, Student Castle, & others pending final approval.

Visit www.studentenergyproject.com to see how the project works.