About a year ago now one of my best mates asked me if I'd do something that I still think is ridiculous.... I've been asked to do a lot of things in my life & I must admit for charity I am a bit of a "yes man" but this wasn't dressing up in full body paint, or even a 24 hour walk this was an ultimate triathlon (1800M Swim, 56Miles on a bike, followed by a half marathon)...

Now I've never done a Triathlon so the joke still stands that I'm a 'TRY-athlete' and it will probably stand after I give this a go but I am genuinely 'bricking it'!

I'm a very nervous swimmer at this level, the few times I've been on the bike I've managed to do the classic-cleat fall off, oh but my run's not bad (but that's at the very end when apparently 'your body won't feel like your body' or so I'm told. In fact, come to think of it, the only things I've been told have been horror story's, or word's of warning, followed up very quickly with 'but don't worry you'll be fine'....

Thinking back to the physical challenges I've done (London last year, 24 peaks in 24 hours, 3 peaks) this is by a long distance the hardest of them all....it's clearly going to hurt, and as my first triathlon I'm clearly pretty stupid to be doing it- but I think I prefer the ignorance of not knowing rather than experiencing it a few times first!

That last comment may sound pretty stupid but training in the pain really doesn't sound like much fun. Instead I'm relying on what I'm doing it for carrying me through...I know I'm mentally tough, and I don't like to give up, so hopefully that will help too...

Hopefully my mate I'm doing this for won't mind me explaining why....as if it was just to celebrate how old he was or something trivial I'd not be interested...the truth is his family lost a very young baby called Max. A beautiful young boy who unfortunately was unable to join his twin sister Ava at her christening only a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I never met Max, but having met his sister Ava a few times it's heart breaking not to have him around. Max & Ava had tremendous care and were looked after by the South Glamorgan Special Care Baby Association.

It's amazing to hear what the team at Glamorgan did and it's to support there amazing work that I'm participating in this gruelling event..

To make my TRY-ATHLON a success, and to carry me around, please support:


Thanks for your support! Nick