The Welsh School of Architecture have designed and built the first low cost energy smart house in Wales. Described as an ?energy positive? building the house is capable of producing more energy than it uses. That extra energy will then be exported back to the national grid.

The house was created as part of the SOLCER project where a combination of renewable energy supply, energy storage and reduced energy demand has been used to create the energy positive house.

In order to create this house a number of different measures were taken. One being to reduce the energy demand by using higher than average levels of thermal insulation to reduce air leakage. Innovative technology including low carbon cement, insulated structural panels and double glazing were used to ensure energy efficiency. The approach used allows low energy use without any decline in the environment of the occupants.

The three-bedroom house was built in just 16 weeks and cost just £125,000 to build. To store the extra energy produced they have installed batteries, allowing exporting of energy to the grid for around 8 months of the year.

According to the research for every £100 spent on electricity used the house will be able to generate £175. Further research also shows that if many houses were built at the same time then the cost of building one would drop to £100,000.

The house is a really exciting development, it ?houses? the best of the best technologies out there and these technologies will only get bigger and better.