As we say goodbye to profile classes 05-08 on comes the 00 class for these meters..the news comes not much before the release of Daniel Craig's latest film Spectre.

The move known as the P272 (perhaps they were inspired by Bonds PPK!)- essentially means from 01/04/2016 profile classes 05-08 will be changed to half hourly meters (these carry the 00 profile class). In theory this could lower prices as a more accurate DUOS and TNuOS charge is delivered to the business user; of course those with spikes in red charging zones and high unknown TRIAD charges will be hurt; particularly if they don't understand their load or how to profile it.

One thing I can be sure on is that any small business will probably not be able to interpret the above paragraph and this poses a problem. Understanding exposure to passing through the cost of distribution and transmission charges could be the difference between an SME's annual staff bonuses and Christmas Party put together- so it could be particularly painful.

It also poses a problem to the consultants working with businesses with an 05-08 profile class- essentially because not understanding how half hourly contract optimisation works will likely leave a few small businesses to learn from their mistakes.

There's certainly still a knowledge gap in the consultancy space for contract optimisation so it will be interesting to see whether much needed qualifications and accreditations hit the intermediary space in 2016.