InnEnergy from Innserve Ltd is a clever power socket for your beer and soft drinks coolers and ice-makers. The product has been around for a few years and was finalist at The Environment Energy and Awards in 2008.

The monitor "learns" from the power usage of the cooler and reduces consumption whilst maintaining performance.

?Creating a scenario where every penny saved really does count.?

So whether you are a small pub or an international franchise, InnEnergy could help to limit wastage and save money, with positive effects to your businesses finances.

?The economic downturn, coupled with hikes in energy prices and the proposal for a minimum price per unit for alcohol, is increasing the financial burden to those involved in the food and drink sector, creating a scenario where every penny saved really does count.? says Bill Tripp of Innserve Ltd.

The initially cost of the product is £59.99 (incl. VAT) and Innserve put the average savings at between £170 to £660 per cooler, per outlet, each year. Approximately 30-35% of your current usage.

InnEnergy works by simply plugging in your the device into the 13amp socket for the remote cooler and then plugging the remote cooler into InnEnergy. Currently remote coolers run twenty-four hours a day while the requirement for cooled drinks is under half that time. InnEnergy controls the remote cooler, reducing the electricity usage of the cooler while the account is not trading, but maintains product dispense quality when the account is trading. So looking at the basics, in my opinion the product does seem worthwhile in terms of energy efficiency and cost reducing, in this current climate especially, where things are increasing in price and consumers are less willing to part with there money, ?every penny really does count.?

The product helps to supply what is demanded nothing more and nothing less. It works similarly as a Nest would, in your home. Like the Nest, InnEnergy learns your habits and saves where there would normally be wastage. With energy bills on the increase, pubs/ bars use a great deal of energy and I feel would reap the benefits that the InnEnergy monitor would supply.



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