Find out the most suitable energy efficient gadgets that will meet your personal needs and save you some big bucks!


If you are interested in the next best thing, then Nest may be right up-your -street. With thermostats controlling half your heating bill, it is important to monitor your heating and not waste energy.

The Nest works in a similar way to a thermostat although it has additional clever features. It learns from user behavior to create a custom heating and cooling schedule. It can be operated from your mobile phone, so if you are on the go a lot, this is ideal. If you teach it well, you can lower your heating bill by over 20%.

The question you may ask, is why go for this more expensive product (around £164.00) over a standard thermostat? The truth is a lot of thermostats are overcomplicated; so most people don?t bother to program them, whereas with the Nest it?s simple, easy, and can be monitored from wherever and whenever. It takes just 30 minutes to install, then just sit back and relax.

Solar Products:

Solar power is the cheapest, cleanest and greenest energy you can find, as well as being convenient and practical.

Solar Torch

This is a simple little gadget, which is perfect for those who like a bit of camping or live in the country, where there aren?t so many streetlights.

It is easy to use, with a simple wind function and is powered by LED?s, so bulbs will never have to be replaced. This product is not expensive, with prices starting from as little as £2.50 and sizes vary from key ring size to big-beamed torches.

This may not be a product for everyday use, but for such little spend, this item could come in handy at some point.

Solar Chargers

This is a product ideally for those who have a lot of sun, but if left in a well-lit area (on a car/ bedroom window) prior to charging, it should be more than capable of charging your device in the same amount of time as a power adapter.

Most solar chargers will work for mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras, PDA?s, games consoles and GPS devices.

Considering a lot of us charge our phones on a daily basis, this is an ideal product to help save money and is convenient for those of us on the go having to use phones regularly.

Prices starting at around £12.99, this product won?t break the bank and could lower your energy bill for the month.


Think of the amount of time you spend away from your computer on a daily basis, whilst it is still switched on. Whether you are out for lunch or dinner, on the phone, watching TV or in a meeting; a vast amount of energy is evidently wasted.

This is where the Eco-Button may come in handy. It is an illuminating USB device that acts as a reminder and a prompt for the user to press at every opportunity whenever the computer is going to be left idle. So whenever you need a break, you simple click the Eco-Button and the PC is put into the most efficient sleep mode available.

Eco-Button offers software for a variation of audiences from individuals (home edition) to global corporations (professional edition). The cost starts at £12.99, but there are editions more suitable to larger networks with additional features included.

The Ecobutton is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista 32 bit operating systems, but it?s not Mac compatible.

Shower timers

We are all guilty of taking long showers, especially on those cold winters mornings, when you would of preferred to stay in a cosy warm bed.

This is when the shower timer, may be something we should all own. Seems pretty basic? Well it is! It will regulate how long you are in the shower in accordance to the timer you set and will beep (alarm) when it is time to finish.

Limiting the time you spend in the shower, will impact the amount you pay for your water (and electricity). There is not a heavy price tag attached either, they are available for as little as £5, this could be a handy item to place in your shower, for everyday use.


Looking at all the energy efficient products above, it is clear that at least one or two will be relevant to you. I think a shower timer and Eco-Button would be the most beneficial for myself, because I am on the computer a lot and I am guilty of taking more time in the shower when the weather is colder.

Looking at all the products, they are not expensive (excluding Nest) and do have short / long-term money saving benefits. But even when looking at Nest, it is a product that has so much intelligence and control, that it is hard to not see the benefits of using it.

I think it is worthwhile to have a think about your current lifestyle, your energy bills and where you could do with being more energy efficient. This will allow more saving to be made, through making energy efficient choices.



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