ESOS Report

Get your free energy saving opportunity compliance

The small print

There are of course a few conditions to us providing this extensive service for free, and we can discuss these when you arrange a cuppa with us below. If you wish to get a flavour for the main terms please read on. We will ensure you are fully compliant with ESOS for free… if you either

  • 1Sign up to an amber energy service which must include us buying your energy/arranging your energy contracts for you
  • 2As per 1 but as an existing customer we extend you existing agreement (which must include or have added to it the provision to buy your energy for you).

That can't be it?

No your right, we have to be buying a minimum number of units of energy for you… Your total annual combined portfolio energy consumption must exceed 5,000,000 kWH.

How does it work?

Arrange to meet for a cuppa, we put together a proposal to run your ESOS for free on a 5 year energy management package and if you go ahead that’s it you’ll be compliant.

The Benefits

  • Administration


    All paperwork submitted
  • Compliance


    ESOS lead assessor
  • Strategy


    Built around your business
  • ROI


    Clear cost benefit identified
  • Tailored to you

    Tailored to you

    ISO 50001 route, DEC's or Audits

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