Industry Metrics & Benchmarks

amber energy gather key data on your costs and consumption from your site alongside other sites in your industry. Qualified engineers and experienced energy traders work side by side to provide analysis on wholesale price trends and your non wholesale charges.

Understand how your site is performing against other sites you have and/or other similar sites in your industry

An ever evolving blueprint for your industry

Our team consider all the aspects of your energy use specific to the type of business and industry you are in. For instance, property value’s can be impacted by legislation & operational energy ratings, whilst budget certainty can be a huge appeal to manufacturing and data centre’s with sub-clients or key contracts to fulfill. Our blue-prints are everything from key design considerations for new sites being developed, to specific metering design, to renewable energy opportunity, to energy purchasing techniques and buying groups.

Specific Industry Solutions

We develop specific solutions to the verticals we work with to solve the challenges each industry faces. For instance, answering the question “why should I reduce my energy consumption?” & “Whats in it for me?” in the student housing (property) industry with the development of The same applies to technology partners, renewable energy opportunities, and the application of our model for achieving your lowest energy bill (see solutions to understand our model). As new challenges face your industry we develop new solutions to help you navigate to your lowest energy bill.

Got a new challenge? We’d love to hear it & see if we can help. Contact us today.