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As a sports ground or NGB it’s common territory to try and maximize revenue for your club(s) with commercial deals. The larger grounds look to attract 6 figure sums for naming rights and partner rights whilst the smaller ground looks to be supported by the deals transacted by the National Governing Body. In any case it’s important to strive for best practice in energy buying and management and our strategy is to complement and enhance the deal you strike. Whether working alongside your elected partner or assisting to procure this partner for you we want to ensure the commercial income for the club isn’t eroded by the deals you strike there-after.

More over best practice in energy management can often be over-looked for clubs that have just secured large partnership income deals OR are looking to renew/tender for a new partner in case of ‘rocking the boat’. This cycle of tendering for sponsors, settling the partner in, a short phase of business as usual and then re-tendering for the rights means the sweet spot for energy management is very small and often a moving priority.

We feel the key to achieving your aims is in:

  • a solid and concise scoping of the work

  • a good understanding of how energy is purchased from your energy partner such that the right product can be set-up

  • support from a solutions partner in terms of how to utilize the partnership to get results and to manage the suppliers’ products

It’s important to remember here that your chosen energy partner, particularly if they are the headline sponsor, will want to get results just as much (if not more) than you if you set things up right. It looks great for the supply-partner if they’ve innovated at your ground and managed to get tangible results

In short,

  • We are the official Sports Energy Management Partner to Edgbaston Stadium (2012 – 2019) and Gloucestershire Cricket (From 2017).

  • We’ve partnered with the Swalec Stadium (from 2011 – 2018) and we’ve supported over 75 grass root Rugby grounds in Wales since 2010.

  • Since 2012 we’ve helped Edgbaston Cricket Ground lower their energy costs by over 35% and we’ve procured over £300,000 in sponsorship monies.

  • Our relationships with suppliers are ‘1st-in-class’ and enable us to procure partnership opportunities on your behalf

  • We don’t take a cut or a commission of the sponsorship deal and instead charge transparency for an ongoing energy management contract with the club or NGB.

National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) need to look to innovate in their partnerships for the rest of the decade to balance out clubs against the exposure to rising energy costs from Electricity Market Reform.

To understand what innovate solutions we have to support your sport contact us today

Key Stats

we’ve worked with over 350 sporting grounds

sponsorship monies injected into grounds since 2012

average savings delivered against ‘in house management'

of energy purchased for sports grounds and NGB’s each year

Official Partners and supporters of some of the UK’s leading sporting clubs and grounds.

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