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We have over 105,000 student beds in our student accommodation energy management portfolio. We are a leading player in Student Housing Energy Management and work with a large number of private PBSA owners. Using our extensive experience we can deliver the lowest cost per bed, we can sweat assets and squeeze operational efficiency, or support life cycle models for those looking to hold stock for long periods.

We work with a lot of student accommodation providers and we understand how to maximise EBITDA, and in turn increasing business valuation for exit. Your strategic energy partner needs to develop your energy strategy alongside an understanding of your business.

Over the last few years we've developed solutions such as The Student Energy Project - An incentive scheme to reward students for using less energy.

We also know how much energy a student build should use, and the different ways to set your building up to manage these demands.

Whether working closely with the M&E and construction teams on new builds OR working to support efficient designs for future builds - for us it's all about supporting your business to achieve it's aims.

The sort of questions that come into play when working to review new developments include the following examples:

  • Whether to use a wet-system for heat and hot water generation.
  • Whether to install a CHP and how best to size this
  • When installing a CHP how you will maintain it
  • Whether the ability to export energy is needed
  • Whether your set-up has the right capacity and/or whether the new connection to the grid costs can be reduced or optimised

A lot of our knowledge comes from experience. This includes working with clients in the sector who sold sites and/or portfolios. We were appointed as the energy solution consultants ahead of the following transactions;

  1. The Student Housing Company sale to GSA
  2. NIDO sites in central London sale to Greystar
  3. Student Castle sites developed through to 2015 sale to Greystar.

The sale of these sites has helped firm up our knowledge of how to increase the value of PBSA stock and how to develop stock that has low OPEX and can retrieve high values at sale.

Our services are extensive in this space and in essence we act as part of your team so you can fully outsource energy to us. This means achieving lower operating costs through intelligent buying and smarter energy use in your assets. We will also ensure you remain compliant with new energy policy and can take advantage of any new initiatives or subsidies on new or existing stock.

Contact us to start a strategic review of your estate and we will assist in devising a strategy for you that lowers your operational exposure to energy - contact us today.

Key Stats

100,000 +
student beds in our portfolio

Over 7 years
experience in PBSA energy management

Circa 40% of
Student Accommodation Companies with more than 1,000 beds use amber

of energy purchased for PBSA companies each year



  • "Energy’s the single largest cost... if the energy costs going spiralling out of control in that year then your net operating income drops significantly. Over the last 5 years Amber have been a fantastic partner. We worked with amber to determine the best way to generate heat within a building. You need to go to someone for all things energy and that’s what amber have provided for us” "
    COO, Three Sixty Developments Limited
  • "In my time dealing with amber energy I’ve found Nick and his team to be highly efficient at what they do, listening to the client’s needs and not deviating from them. The quality of reports and professionalism stand out from many other providers who I have experienced and who have also tried to sell their services to us since being with Amber. Nick has always listened to us and only ever tried to help us out as and has not once tried to sell any service we don’t need. They spent the time getting to know us and our business, visited our site and achieved significant cost savings and secured a significant rebate from our energy providers. We have contracted Amber to procure our energy for not only us but also other INTO sites where they have again achieved cost savings and fixed our energy costs for the year. They are able to give us accurate forecasts of how the energy market is performing and provide us with very detailed information. Nick and his team produced a very comprehensive energy report for our site highlighting areas that still need to be addressed and how they can work with us to resolve our needs and they did this without using any industry jargon and simplified the whole process of procuring energy. They were the only Energy firm to state what their actual costs would be for their service and not try and include it in a hidden administrative charge. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick and amber energy and would gladly provide more information if required."
    Facilities Manager, INTO
  • "We use amber energy as our energy consultant and are delighted with the levels of service that they provide & are more than happy to recommend them!"
    Senior Development Managers, KSHL

Ask us About Our

Amber Blueprint

We develop what we call a 'blue-print' for each industry we work with and this means running trials and getting under the skin of the sector we are working with so we can find the most appropriate solutions and act as a true partner to their business.

Each year we produce our latest blueprint for the student accommodation PBSA sector. This contains useful benchmarking data and advice on how best to build and operate new PBSA stock. You can subscribe to this annual report for free by entering your details below.