From April to September of this year, solar power provided more energy than coal power stations, with solar power providing 5.4% of the UK’s electricity demand.

According to the research by the Carbon Brief website solar generated nearly 7,000 gigawatt hours of electricity between April and September which is about 10% more than the 6,300GwH produced by coal during the same period.

Though this will not continue due to solar seasonal dependency, it was called ‘a valuable milestone on the road to renewables overtaking fossil fuels’ by a spokeswoman for the Solar Trade Association (STA).

Solar capacity nearly doubled in 2015, but has been hit hard by cuts to Government support, which is currently needed to persuade investors to build any kind of power generation, including fossil fuels.

Renewable energy, including solar, already provides the UK with over 20% of its energy demand and some say that a transition to a 100% renewable future is well within Britain's grasp.