EMR Workshops

UK Electricity Market Reform workshops

Pinpoint Revenue opportunity & Minimise Costs

The UK Electricity Market Reform (EMR) means an overhaul of how we currently manufacture our energy in the UK. It means spending £160Billion pounds replacing our carbon intensive production types (Coal & some of our gas) with low carbon sources of production.

At amber energy it means more focus on charges around electricity usage and in particular in the red (peak) charging times (typically 4-7pm).

This isn't simply because some of the proposed levies will be charged against consumption in this period (this is not the case) but because this peak charging time of the day offers profit making activity as well as reducing your businesses import charges.

For instance DSBR (Demand Side Balancing Reserve) allows for your business to profit by reducing import consumption and turning on small-scale generation (CHP's, generators, etc) when the grid gets close to full capacity (usually when something good is on the TV, you've just got home from work and turned on the heating, and street lighting has gone on but our industrial usage hasn't quite yet switched off - around 4.30-6pm).

To any business, it means additional levies to pay for the guaranteed subsidies (of those private investors) needed to allow for the investment in low carbon energy production.

The major changes to your energy bill will start to land in 2018/19 and doing nothing will leave you exposed to 30% increases in your electricity bill (based on 2014 levels).

amber energy offer UK Electricity Market Reform workshops that pinpoint your exposure and opportunity to save in the face of these changes. amber energy model your current business usage and costs against the reforms so you can see the business impacts. Modelling also allows us to look for opportunities for you to profiteer from these changes.

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The Benefits

  • Administration

    Future budgets created during workshop

  • Compliance

    Protect your future energy budgets.

  • Strategy

    Financial Exposure built around your risk preferences

  • ROI

    Financial Exposure identified specific to your usage and contracts.

  • Tailored to you

    Tailored workshop to your teams requirements.

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